1864 February

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February 9, 1864- Escape from Libby Prison, Richmond. After weeks of digging, 109 Union officers made their escape from the notorious Libby Prison,
the largest and most sensational escape of the war. Though 48 of the escapees were later captured and two drowned, 59 were able to make their
way into Union lines.

February 27, 1864- In Georgia, Camp Sumter Prison Camp opens. Universally referred to as Andersonville Prison Camp it will become notorious
for overcrowded conditions and a high death rate among its inmates.

February 14-20, 1864- Union Capture and Occupation of Meridian, Mississippi. Union forces under William T. Sherman enter the city of Meridian, Mississippi
after a successful month of campaigning through the central part of the state. The capture of this important southern town, well known for its industry and storage
capabilities, severely hampers the efforts of Confederate commanders to sustain their armies in the deep south, Georgia and west of the Mississippi River.

February 17, 1864- First Successful Submarine Attack of the Civil War. The CSS H.L. Hunley, a seven-man submergible craft, attacked the
USS Houstonic outside of Charleston, South Carolina. Struck by the submarine's torpedo, the Housatonic broke apart and sank, taking all but five
of her crew with her. Likewise, the Hunley was also lost and never heard from again until discovered in 1995 at the spot where it sank after the attack.