Year 1864
Month: June
Source:Rhilty - Siegel Auctions
279/513 - 1.9


Ship: Scotia
Origin:Le Havre - Buenos Ayres


$5.13 Depreciated Currency Rate. Partly readable "Buenos-Ayres AP 2 1864" datestamp on back of cover endorsed "From the United States Consulate Buenos Ayres" in manuscript and addressed to U.S. Patent Office in Washington D.C., red London transit backstamp (Jun. 2), "New-York Br. Pkt. Jun. 15" receiving datestamp, ms. "240" rate, blue crayon "513/270" and pencil "Due 513" rates, $5.13 total postage due in greenbacks, Very Fine, Cal Hahn reported this as the highest-rated depreciated currency cover he had seen
According to Hahn this is the highest rate he had ever seen.