Rare and Scarce and Other interesting covers. 

  Earliest Possible Usage
  Island of Corisco West Africa
Gabon West Africa
  Lima Peru
  Unique Packetbegleitbrief Hand Made
  Palermo Italy
  Buenos Aires RMSP Steamer "Oneida" & Galway "Adriatic"
  Russia to US
  Hong Kong China
  Foochou China
  Japan to Chicago via Europe
  Isle of Wright
  North American Lloyd Ship "Atlantic"
  Three French Steamers from Montevideo
  India 3 Color Underpaid
  6 Times Rate from South America
  Maiden Voyage of the steamer "City of New York II
  Maiden Voyage of steamer "Cuba"
  CDS With the Wrong Month
  Error in CDS - RR insstead of BR